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Some fixes: For firefox 3.5.1, here is what worked for me (if you're comfortable with manually editing the javascript.js file; see Phoglenix's 6/17/09 post for help):

* To fix direct image links:
Step 1. Go to (about) line 31 and replace the "var googFonts..." line with this one line (credit to Chris000001 on Google Groups):
var googFonts = selectAllNodes(document, document.body, "//div[@id='ImgContent']/table/tbody/tr/td[starts-with(@id, 'tDataText')]/div/div/cite");

Step 2. Go to (about) line 42 and replace the "var urlmatch..." line with this oen line (see Phoglenix's 6/17/09 post for credit):
var urlmatch = googLinks[x].href.match(/\&imgrefurl\=(.*?)\&usg=/);

* To fix streaming of search result pages when logged on to Google (already works when logged off):
(credit to floatingdays and kadusa - see floatingdays' 5/14/09 post for help)
1. Change -all- occurences of the string (use search&replace):
//li[@class='g' or @class='g w0']