Cursor focus Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Nice addon, but it has the same problem as "New tab homepage". When you launch Google (for instance), the cursor is in the address bar instead of the search bar on the page.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.2.1-signed). 

Added That Feature

I added that feature. There is an option for it in preferences. You can get it by using the newest version 1.4.
When this add-on gets fully reviewed again it will automatically update.

---- Old Review Begins Here ----
I noticed this problem early on in the project. There are sort of 3 problems with this. Firstly, the new tab that's opened is a custom address. It defaults to Google but you can put any address in there you like. When Google is loaded the search bar is an obvious place for the cursor however if it's another site there might be a different 'obvious' place or not an obvious place at all. Simply put there is no good way to always put the cursor on the page that is loaded. I don't want to set precedent customizing this add-on to put the cursor in the search bar of a particular page because then I'll constantly be adding code so that the cursor jumps to the correct place on yahoo, then ping, then facebook, then msn, etc etc.Secondly, Google's DOM is a nightmare so putting the cursor anywhere reliably is near impossible. Go have a look at their source!Thirdly in the newest version (1.3) the URL is highlighted when a new tab is opened. This is useful if you'd like to re-type a different address immediately rather than sticking with the usual. I think this is a more generic reliable solution to 'where should the cursor go?'Thanks for the input! I really appreciate it. If lots and lots of people call for this (place the cursor in the Google search bar) I probably will implement it.