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I'm reevaulating my additional info that i wrote after my review of v1.0.5 regarding some 3rd party themes that i was using at the time (Tangofox, Winstripe Modern). After the detailed explanation from the author of this addon and super quick update im changing my rating back to 5 stars. Wish i could give it 6.

Keep up the good work, sir. Very nice and needed addon.

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No need to give 3 stars two times, you can always edit your prev. post. ;-)

The goal of this extension was to restore the old buttons look on <b>default Firefox theme</b>, not on third party themes. After Rob64Rock asked I added support for "Largrizzlys toolbarbutton icon themes".

Why was support even needed? -> Well, I'm not sure if you aware of this but using AeroGlass and having tabs "not on top" causes Firefox to use inverted (white) toolbar-button icons. Some third party themes don't even style them in that case to they remain white (-> "Largrizzlys toolbarbutton icon themes").

CSTBB just overrides these white toolbar-button icons with the default dark ones. This may cause problems with third party themes that are <b>not supported anyway (until v1.0.6)</b>. I added support for "Largrizzlys toolbarbutton icon themes" first in v1.0.5.

With v1.0.6 there is a major change regarding third party themes: If CSTBB detects the user doesn't use Firefox's default theme it doesn't style the icons (to dark ones) anymore and lets the theme doing that job, even if the third party theme doesn't style icons in all cases correctly.

Please use v1.0.6 https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/cstbb/versions/ and reevaluate your reviews.