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Hello. I use this add-on a lot, but I do not need the "alt" text after the link text which sometimes really annoys me. I could not find a option for that. After unzip your xpi, I changed the code by just commenting the alt part of your overlay.js file. Could you update this feature or offer a option without "alt text" ? Thanks. I can send you my modification. Or if you do not agree with this feature, can I submit this add-on based on your code on this add-on platform? I am looking forward to your official update. Thanks again.

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I've already made a new (restartless) version of copy text which is awaiting approval of some patches I sent to Mozilla (to ensure people can still use the accesskey via the new SDK APIs) and that new version addresses your request by avoiding the alt text inclusion by default (while still keeping it as an optional preference). The pull request I am still waiting on is https://github.com/mozilla/addon-sdk/pull/723/ . (I am still getting over a cold or I would have already submitted a test for the patch...)

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I hope the copy link text does not include "alt:"text. or how can I change this logic.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (