Works well, very few flaws Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Not sure if I review CM before (since can't search for ur or any authors' reviews).
Used CM ? couple yrs now. Can't think of any real problems (of any importance). Have 21 other active addons - not seen any conflicts.

Especially like option for "temporary cookies."
Odd things / limitations:
- Icon (newer) - once cookie is set, IS unusual, but no idea if supposed to be a cookie w/ sunglasses, or... - but after all this time, still doesn't relay "this is CM" to me. Could choose much better one.

- No way to choose several cookies at once to del, in "show all cookies." May just use Fx's native UI, which is OK, but must del cookies (site level) one at a time or remove all - no in between. Be nice to hold Ctrl (or Shift) & select multiple cookies.

- No way to protect specific cookies & load at each start. Like Fx, either del all cookies or none.

- No way to print exceptions. Again, using Fx's native handler.

Are very few "full featured" cookie mgr addons & for life of me, can't understand why. Fx cookie mgr is extremely basic.

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