Very good work so far, but could be even better Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I have only used it for a few hours, but I must say I will probably keep it installed for a long time. That said, I would like a few extra options to make it perfect IMHO:

1. An option to hide all the tooltips once I make my selection. That would me one click every time since I don't like to keep it on all the time.

2. An option to tweak (or eliminate) the scrolling animation. I find it to be a bit slow in the case of my desktop and REALLY slow on my old netbook.

3. Another useful option (as other reviewers have already mentioned) would be to only show the "tooltip area" only when the mouse pointer is over it. That would almost eliminate the need for a toolbar toggle button. How wide should the area be? I would make it exactly as wide as a minimized tooltip).

4. An option to invert the tooltip colors based on the current website background color. As an example, draw black tooltips with white text if the current background is white. This should be possible to accomplish using SVG filters: (apparently the "invert" CSS keyword is not supported in FF).

5. An option to change the size of the tooltip text. Bonus points if I can specify the font. :)

6. Add tooltip borders to help separate them from the actual page content.

Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (