very usefull Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Ever since the recent update of this addon, I am asked to confirm if I want to exit and it bothers me.I dont see the point in it, since you have pressed the button to quit, why need a confirmation ?an update of the settings to disable this would be nice. thank you.

Reply: I was going to change the rating anyway after the update, I was not going to leave it like that. I use this addon all the time and appreciate its work and practicality.
I had not read the full description, or else i would have been more patient.

telia doulia, kali sinexia.

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Hello Alex,The confirmation is a temporary solution for the 'Clear Recent Tabs' option to work. I am working on a solution and I will fix it soon.Also, check the description before rating: "In order for recent tabs cleansing to work, a quit confirmation popup has to be added. Just click OK and firefox will quit!"Please mind re-thinking your rating! Thanks :)

Reply: Ευχαριστώ φίλε!