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I didn't know that the button was broken in Failfox because I only keep some old version of it for testing and backup purposes. I don't even know or care which version it is because I refuse to waste any time with the rabid-release nonsense.

Anyways, Palemoon 24 came out and it rocks- but it imported the dropdown button mistake. I then heard that there was an add-on to fix it. When the page opened I should not have been so surprised that it was Aris.

Has Aris ever made a bad add-on? Maybe Mozilla needs to hire him and put him in charge of the UI department. Everything would look good, there would be free choice and there never would be a bug again!

**EDIT** Apparently they introduced bugs that cause this button to refuse to show on the toolbar. It does show in the customization window- but even there it is missing it's dropdown arrow. It is possible to drag it onto the toolbar- and then it instantly vanishes. It then is found in the customization bin again but it refuses to stay on the bars. Perhaps if it bought it a drink and gave it a backrub it might lighten up and stick around???

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.7.1-signed). 

When you are talking about the 'dropdown button mistake', which one do you mean particularly?

The Palemoon (24) and Firefox (4-26) (non-UX/non-Australis) bookmarks menu button is still the same for me as it was since Fx 4.

Thanks for review.


Can you reproduce it on a clean profile too?
Seems to work fine for me on Palemoon 24.

But ok, this add-on fixes this issue for you. ;-)