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The minimum tab width option no longer seems to work for the new update (4.0.9) for Firefox 4.0.1.
I can no longer have 100+ tabs in the tab bar before it starts scrolling, which is the main reason I use this addon :(

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.0.9). 

I'll get this fixed right away

I'll get this bug fixed right away. CCO4.0.9 was an extremely complex update due to the how compact options. It went through extensive testing with a number of different beta testers, unfortunately, in spite of my best efforts, this one slipped past. I'll push out an update within a few days. I just want to give users a chance to report any other issues that may have been missed.

I have just uploaded v4.0.9.1 to AMO, which fixes the min/max width options.