Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Great job. Heard about Certificate Patrol from Steve Gibson's Security Now podcast. This add-on provides a feature that should be standard in every browser.


Update 07/21/2011

Had to uninstall because of the crazy number of notifications about Google's certificates. I keep several Google products pinned in app tabs and switch between them often. It's literally gotten to the point where I can't even access a single one of them without CP popping up with alerts about Google's wildcard certs and such. I can't even type in a single query in the Firefox search bar (I have the SSL version of Google added there) without getting prompted about the cert for each query.

CP is a great idea, but an add-on that requires you to close the same warning messages repeatedly 30+ times per day is just too much. I'm sure the real issue is Google needing to do a better job of cert management, but there really does need to be some configurability options for this in CP.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 


In version 2.0 we made many improvements, e.g. we added a checkbox at the bottom of the change notification dialog that makes CP check only the issuer for that host, this is useful in cases like this when a site uses multiple certificates for the same host. Which version were you using? Try upgrading to 2.0 if you haven't done so yet.