Meet the CanImage Developer

Nicolas Froidure

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Why was CanImage created?

I created CanImage cause i often have to edit images before sending them to websites. It was the first CanImage function but now, it does more stuff with the help of user contributions.

What's next for CanImage

The are many things that CanImage could do for image édition on Firefox like adding effects, applying effects to a selection, adding undo-redo button etc...

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name Nicolas Froidure
Location Lille, France
Occupation while(coding) alert(':-)');
User since March 5, 2007
Number of add-ons developed 5 add-ons
Average rating of developer's add-ons Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Who is Nicolas Froidure?

Web developper, i found in the Firefox add-on system a great way to create tools i lack in my job. That's why i create BBComposer, CanImage and KGen. See my code there - Follow me there.