useful info for experts; misleadingly alarmist for ordinary users Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I think there are far bigger threats to most users' security than whether or not a site uses the very best encryption algorithm.

The big scary icons are out of proportion to the danger, especially in comparison to other add-ons that use a much smaller red/yellow/green icon, such as WOT, LinkExtend, SiteAdvisor, etc. If they use this add-on as well as some of those others, many users would get the incorrect impression that a criminal's malware or phishing site is pretty safe to use so long as they use a high-grade encryption algorithm, whereas visiting (large bank with mid-grade encryption) puts you in grave danger. It's very harmful to mislead naive users in this way.

I myself do sometimes use this add-on because it's the only thing I've found that continues to remind me of a certificate problem even *after* I've added a security exception for given site. (BTW most users should never add such an exception, especially for a public site.) (I think Google Chrome indicates the unverifiable-site-with-exception by a slash through the "https", which is a good idea.) Hence the three stars. But even for this purpose, I can barely distinguish the resulting red icon from an reddish-orange icon which is given to some legitimately-certified sites for not using a very strong grade of encryption.

Also, I don't like the bundling of lots of other unrelated browser tweaks, regardless of whether some of them might be useful in themselves. It turns it into a "you should set all the same browser settings that I do" type of add-on, which should at least be a separate add-on, especially for the options that aren't about SSL or its closely-related security/privacy considerations.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.52.1-signed).