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Like the green coloring and the picture on the drop box for when your opening up a new tab. But needs a lot more color and some pictures of players. Like the Patriots and the Red Sox one!!! I am a big Red Sox Fan and Patriots Fan. I like how those other two I mentioned better than the Boston Celtics one. Because of the reason of those others having the pictures and more color. But all and all its about darn time Celtics got added to the list. It could of been done a lot better but I am glad its now on the list. I have only been waiting for over Two years for it.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0.0). 

Thank you for your review.

So much for waiting - to rate it as lowest as possible, because you think it should be like other themes you've seen. Please, don't expect my work to be like someone else's. There's plenty of color, in all of the main elements of the browser - and the toolbar buttons encompass the whole Celtics palette. Frankly, I think there's way too much color. Celtics colors are chiefly green and white - more than that and you'll be struggling to see where is the cursor or what it is you're typing. If you had taken a little more time to look around you'd have noticed (and read) that this theme was intended to be clean and aesthetically coherent. If you think this theme should be like the other ones you prefer, I'd suggest for you to ask the person who did those to do a Celtics one for you. Just don't evaluate this theme as if it should measure up to those themes - that was never my intention. Thanks.