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Sorry for contacting you this way, but there are no other contact/support details on AMO.

This add-on refuses to work with TabUtilities and Classic Theme Restorer.

Steps to reproduce
- install Classic Theme Restorer (latest stable)
- open a second window
- click on new tab tab/button
- no new tab opens
- errors are shown in error console

The issue occurs, because this add-on has a problem with the way CTR changes Fx tab width by overriding documents css rules. There is no connection between overriding documents css rules for tab width and adding bookmark to a new tab imo.

I believe the same problem occurs with TabUtilities, but I haven't debugged it.

At least for Classic Theme Restorer I can add a workaround, but could you please also check why your add-on has a problem with TUs and CTRs way to modify css rules?

Thanks. Confirmed working with both TU and CTR.
I hope you are planning to upload a new build incl. this change as "Bookmarks Tab" v2.3

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.2.1-signed.1-signed). 

Thank you for 5 star rating.
You can try to paste the following code into the overlay.xul CDATA section:

var Bt = {
addTab: null,
hookAddTab: function() {
Bt.addTab = gBrowser.addTab;

gBrowser.addTab = function() {
if (arguments[0] == "about:newtab" ||
arguments[0] == "about:blank")
arguments[0] = "chrome://bookmarks/content/bookmarks.html";
return Bt.addTab.apply(gBrowser, arguments);
initialize: function() {
setTimeout(Bt.hookAddTab, 100);
Bt.initialize, false);

It gives 100ms for addons like TabUtilities for modifying browser's addTab() function, before hooking it. Please let me know if it works to telega@gmail.com. Best regards.