Good Concept.....Needs Improvement. Rated 2 out of 5 stars

This is a very good concept, but falls short of expectations.
1 - There is no way to get to use it unless you goto TOOLS ---> Extension Options...There should be a button to get you there easier.
2 - Little, if any, documentation on how to use this extension exists. It would go a long way to place this very good concept into thousands of user browsers---that's simply through detailed documentation on how exactly the extension works (maybe through examples).
3 - Numbers, that mean virtually nothing to the unenlightened user, is a poor way to determine which bookmark line is to be hidden. If using numbers can't be avoided, then maybe a dropdown that correlates the bookmark line the number represents--so there is no doubt what's being hidden whatsoever.
4 - A way to revive any hidden bookmark line should be provided. If it's a big secret, then a password to enable it's use.

Outside of these constructive criticisms, the idea is a very good one & I hope the developer responds post haste with the needed improvements (well more often--the last update was over 3 months ago).

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.1.0). 

Thanks for criticisms ...

Thank you for giving it a try.

You are right indeed. The AddOn is hard to configure and the numbers are not what a normal user is used to. I apologize, but a few comment to that.

The AddOn is still in the sandbox and will stay there. There is no update, because I don't what to invest time into an AddOn, that should not live long. I simply hope, that it is possible to remove nasty bookmark-menu-items in the future version. For me surfing is all about bookmarks, so I want the popup as small and lightiweight as possible.

I hope people who are using this, have some minutes to configure the AddOn with these ugly numbers, but when they have finished that, which should not take long, the AddOn hopefully makes a little difference enjoying the best in class browser.

Thanks again for your input.