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I don't change my Firefox version unless this add-on has been updated and can come along for the ride. I am a heavy user of the bookmarks toolbar and only use favicons with no text. It's essential to have an icon. Thanks to the dev for picking up this project when the other dev dropped it. You are great!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.71). 


Firefox 18 is bad. It changes Gecko APIs which break many add-ons. More worse is there is no warning, no email or any message in add-on blog that detail these changes. Firefox 18 will be released in the next 23 days, and I expect that there will be a lot of troubles.

Simple explanation is... like the car drive, left foot panel is break and right foot panel is accelerator. But Mozilla change the right foot panel to car horn, and move accelerator to the right hand. Of course, all of the drivers cannot drive this car. And the thing like this is unexpected to happen in this world.

With rapid release cycle of Firefox, Mozilla editors seem don't care for non-VIP low rate using add-ons. Daily active user for "Bookmark Favicon Changer" is only about 20,000 while "Adblock Plus" is 15,000,000. They see the add-ons like burdens of Firefox which make Firefox slower, more memory consumption and crash. Anything that can make non-VIP add-ons fail is acceptable. If your add-on is not "Adblock plus", "tab mix plus", "no script", "Firebug" or "Down them all", they will not care about it.

More recent shocking news is... themes are affected also. From Firefox 18, animated theme for Personas will not work.
(Reference - https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2012/12/11/improving-performance-with-static-themes/ )

At now (14 Dec 2012) I found two bugs which make "Bookmark Favicon Changer" crash in Firefox 18 due to changing Gecko API. Please see...


I have made a new version for Firefox 18. But I am suspicious that there may be more error. Due to something that should not make error can make error at this time. I must re-check every lines of my code which is boring and time consuming. But the good news is... if I cannot find more bug, I will release it at this weekends. So the user can help me detect more hidden bug in Firefox 18.

I admit that I am very angry and upset. Like you, I am a user which 100% depend on “Bookmark Favicon Changer”. Bad news is, I cannot make or find add-ons like this in other browsers. So I am forced to use Firefox.

I am not good at English. But I think DiCarlo (Ex-Mozilla Employee) can explain the situation better than me. Please read...