best fit for my system theme Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This is a nice theme consisting of my two favorite colors. I've been trying to eradicate overly-white window backgrounds on my system (due to the fact that it is often connected to large displays in an otherwise dark environment). This theme works very well in that regard, once you set the message view to have a black background and white text.

For the most part, it's also good as far as visibility goes. The only major issue I have with this theme at all is the alternating message colors, and I see others have mentioned it also. The grey to black to red just doesn't work, as the red font blends with the red along the bottom, and a bit with the grey on the top. This coloring works well on the tool bar and other areas where there are larger/bold fonts, but not so well with the smaller text of the message list. A couple other minor changes:

On my "Compose" window, the subject and font bars are a light blue/grey shade, which is just a bit of an eyesore. Also, in the same window, the "Security" button looks a bit off (see here: ) and when you put your cursor on it, it moves up/down and tiles. Also, maybe have unread messages stand out a bit more.

IMO, I think the alternating colors on the inbox list should be either reversed to black font on red background, white font, or leave it the way it is if the font could be outlined a bit in black somehow to make it stand out more. Although ideally, there should a menu for changing/disabling the alternating altogether.

Overall, it's the best theme available, at least to fit my tastes. I'd love to see an updated version with these things fixed though.

Update coming

Thanks for your comments/review steiner666! There is an update coming (hopefully soon), I'm just waiting for Thunderbird 3 to see the light of day. I believe all of the things you mention have been fixed in the new version. I have been using it with Thunderbird 3.0 beta 2 and it works great. The alternating colors in the inbox has been removed and a new highlight system has been added. I think all users will be satisfied. Thanks again for the input! :)