Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I'll try not to make an capricious assessment.

* The new theme I find it difficult to watch, especially on web pages with light background, the buttons are small and have very little contrast. : http://i1099.photobucket.com/albums/g399/JedWryWizard/FireFox/nuevo-6.jpg
* The Firefox logo, orange on blue, attracts the eye to the upper left corner, even when they should be looking at the center of the screen.
* The manner in which the flaps move over the forward-back buttons gives me an unpleasant sensation of broken symmetry. (before not) (http://i1099.photobucket.com/albums/g399/JedWryWizard/FireFox/newold.png)

And finally, a personal assesment:

*The former aesthetic was unique, the current is similar to many others. (http://i1099.photobucket.com/albums/g399/JedWryWizard/FireFox/GoogleSmallringFXDarkBlue.jpg) You took a beautiful and unique theme, and you did plastic surgery on it, now looks like a lot of other themes (and I'm not saying it's not nice), but just not special.

Thanks for listening and responding, you will always have my support, but I liked more the previous version.

By the way, Could not you release a V2 Vintage? :)

A big hug


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0.0). 

Thanks for your review. I see your point, it's valid mostly on BlackFox that lost some of it's uniqueness (but gained a more compact design that's also a bit more modern). LavaFox, on the other hand preserved more of it's uniqueness (since the Lava is always very unique). Maybe it's time to give it a try? By the way, you can still use version 1.3.7 - just scroll down the page to Version History. You may need to add the extensions.checkCompatibility.11.0 or higher to about:config. See details in the support forum.
I know that every change must disappoint some and attract others. Sorry for that but change must happen sometimes. It will update often as usual so the style will be effected from your feedback.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Actually I liked more the aesthetics of the previous version. It was more balanced, less aggressive and more enjoyable. I especially hate the current orange-Firefox-logo... really I Was in love whit this theme, but now... not so much :'( . And why do I want as many menus and buttons if the truth I use only 4? The other options I can look at the menu when I need them, while I liked my BlackFox clean and minimalist, with the round buttons and all :'( Sorry, but until today my calification was 5.
This version feels like a faded copy of G-Chrome

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0.0). 

Well, this version is more minimalistic and definitely more compact. Having the Firefox logo get rids of the word "Firefox" and the drop-down that were there before so I cannot see the point. Anyway, change is always a matter of personal preferences. Funny that you think it resembles Google Chrome :) I think if you tell it to a Google Chrome fan they won't agree :)