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Edit for update on 2011 October 14, 00:08, EDT:
There's still a conflict, but I just discovered after several hours of testing that it's between Biscuit 2.1.4 and Better Privacy 1.67. Curiously, the conflict between them affects Session Manager 7.7. Disable one or the other cookie manager and Session Manager works fine. I have no idea why that would be the case but it is... Wish there was some way to contact the developer directly.

Original review below:
I'm running XP SP3 and FX 7.0.1. It seems there's an issue between Biscuit 2.1.4 and Session Manager 7.7. When Biscuit is active, session manager will not display a list of sessions from which I can choose. The initial Session Manager window displays "rolled up" (only the title bar is visible); I have to manually drag the bottom of the title bar so I can see the window's contents.The only buttons active in that window are Resume Session and Cancel. When I click the former, only my homepage tab is loaded when Firefox presents its UI. I have to manually load my previous session from one of the Session Manager toolbar button's sub-menus. I'm not sure when this conflict first presented itself but these two add-ons used to work together.

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