Cannot wait to see whats coming next :) Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hi Gina!

Can you add the following features?:
1. Create a "Attend To" Button and Folder for ALL those emails I need to address BUT NOT RIGHT NOW? I always end up forgetting about them as they slip further back down the would be great if I could just instantly move then to a "to respond" folder which also maybe has a popup or txt/email reminder I can set the frequency it annoys me :)

2. When I add a message to a Tag Group it would be nice if instead of the message it could Target that Sender! What annoys me is that I have to continue to add that senders messages if he writes me again or starts a new thread! It should be intelligent enough to know I want that sender to be tagged! NOT JUST THAT ONE CONVERSATION

3. ONE SIMPLE MENU FROM THE MAIN PAGE without needing to drill down and find sub/context-menus hidden all over the place...Basically a sub-menu that appears when you highlight a message from the main list of emails with the following options "Forward", "Add to Contacts", "Tag Contact & Message Thread", "Tag Contact Only", "Tag Message Thread Only", "Archive", "Delete", "Report Spam", "Add Star", "Respond Later" (Then send to the Folder I mentioned in #1 above)

4. Quick Filter - Again...from the MAIN PAGE instead of having to go through all the advanced search steps to create a darn filter, it would be very simple to highlight and right click and on that context menu have an additional sub-menu for filtering with the following sub-menu options below:
A. Hide all messages from sender - (basically it should create a filter that archives all messages from that sender and creates a filter that does not send to inbox and archives instead all incoming mail and existing messages from sender)

B. Send all Messages (with options for Current & Future/Current Only/Future Only)from sender to this folder (Then show the list of folders/tags available to select)

C. Forward Messages From Sender - Creates a filter which then forwards all future and/or current and future messages to an address you input) with the option to then delete or archive the original afterward

D. get the picture I am sure

5. Add POP-UP & Cell Phone Text (SMS or MMS Options maybe?) Alert Options for Critical or VIP Emails, this would HUGELY assist me for responding to important email from a VIP that sometimes get missed because they get sent to a folder without hitting the inbox (do to a filter or whatever), there are certain people's email I ALWAYS WANT TO SEE FIRST and a Pop-Up would be the ideal tool for making that happen and I cannot believe they do not have it as an option!

Anyway I hope those give you more food for thought and I have a lot more ideas if interested, shoot me an email at