Need Update for Firefox 4 Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Morbus, if this is in Firefox 4, why is everyone here asking for it? Maybe you don't know what it is.

Firefox 4 seems to have one single setting that you can adjust (if you're confident) which controls the automatic unloading of tabs. This is not a good way to be doing things.

BarTab gives control to the user, via the GUI, which shows the loaded/unloaded status of each tab in the tab strip. Any unloaded tab can be loaded. Any loaded tab (or all other loaded tabs) can be unloaded. It's manual. Like a gearshift, manual is better.

Further, upon launching Firefox, BarTab prevents the automatic loading of tabs. And BarTab can be instructed never to unload certain tabs.

I'm not aware of ANY of this functionality in Firefox 4, and BarTab no longer works (although my version 2.0 says that it is compatible with 4.0.* in spite of this).

Because of the problems with BarTab 2.0 in Firefox 4, I've been hesitant to uninstall it, in case I lose my tabs in the process.

I'm hoping this will be updated quickly.