Unfortunately, I had a problem ... Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Correction of my first review:

I had a problem with old (deleted or changed) bookmarks, which are still in Firefox database. These bookmarks are NOT displayed in Firefox Bookmarks window, but unfortunately with the AddOn Search Function "F xyz" (when search is successful of course).

I do not know if the problem is caused by this AddOn or Firefox itself - because this, I leave 5 stars ...

Unfortunately, with this behaviour, this AddOn is no more so perfect for me!

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This behaviour caused by Firefox itself


thanks for the Feedback. To increase performance the Add-on searches through the database of firefox direct. If there are items that were not properly deleted (maybe session shutdown) these where searched and if matched the query shown, too. But there should be an error message when you try to expand these elements. FOR EXPERTS: I do not recommend, but if you want you can try to delete them in the firefox database places.sqlite in table (moz_bookmarks). BUT BE VERY CAREFUL AND MAKE A BACKUP BECAUSE CHANGES IN THE DATABASE MAY CAUSE DESTRUCTION OF THE PROFILE. I WON'T TAKE ANY LIABILITIES FOR THAT.