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Hi, I have another question in which I find that it is not yet mentioned in your support web page regarding the new update:

"5. Add AutoPager to user agent"

May I ask about the purpose of doing so? Thanks.

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Add AutoPager to browser user agent

AutoPager may be useful to the users.
But it's true that AutoPager will increase the load of the web servers.
So from version, AutoPager will add AutoPager to the user agent.
The site masters can use this to detect a request from AutoPager. They can take the chance to stop sending the unnecessary contents to the clients. Since AutoPager will filter the content and load only the content users interested in.
You can turn it on/off in Tools->AutoPager->Options->Add AutoPager to browser user agent.

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I like the idea of new icon, which allows us easier to distinguish whether the addon is enable/disabled or just simply no template available for the current page.

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Compatibility with GreaseMonkey? Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I am using a Greasemoney script called "Greased Lightbox v0.17" for viewing the images on Google Image.

However, for new pages loaded by AutoPager, the Greased Lightbox script doesn't apply for those pages.

Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.4.0). 

Greased Lightbox script

AutoPager works well with the scripts which it modify the element directly.
But Greased Lightbox works in another way. Greased Lightbox go thought all the pictures in the page, records the target url, show functions and some other informations in a list. When a picture clicked, Greased Lightbox loops to find the properties in the list for the clicked item, and apply the show functions.
This will cause bad performance and not easy to compatible with others.
The right way should be just attach the properties to that picture or link. Thus when a picture clicked, it just show it according to it's properties. This will get better performance. And when AutoPager import the pictures to another page, the picture will still have the necessary information attached and Greased Lightbox will still works well.
Another way is to just register a global click event listener. It doesn't need to go through all the pictures and creates click event listeners for individually picture. When a picture clicked, it just check whether it's a supported picture, perform the applied actions.
This is also compatible with AutoPager.
You can pass this to the script author. He/she contact me for more information if need. Either through email or in my forum. You can find the info in the support info for AutoPager.