Rated 3 out of 5 stars

It's convenient but it has problems.

I'm using Vista & Fx 3.6.10


It uses gigantic amounts of memory.


I have to use because newer versions - including have a bug that makes it impossible for me to create new scripts.

It's sadly easy to make the bug appear:

- Go to "Site Wizard"
- Click the "checkmark" icon.

The expected result that you've just created a new script and the options window appears. But, the actual result is: nothing happens. There's no way to add new scripts.

2011.06.04 A heads up about a AMO review bug

AMO just ate my review - so if you're reading this and you're about to write a review - create it in a text editor and copy and paste it in.

Sheesh. I guess Mozilla is spending 99.7% of their time trying to make Firefox faster. And ignoring everything else.

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