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thanks for the update, looks like a new group of developers are working on this add-on now. you guys are doing a good job and hope you can keep this add-on updated. I have a problem - how to change the "Search For" option from using Google? How do i use Yahoo search or another search engine.? I have changed my browser default search engine from Google to another search engine. But AutoCopy still uses Google. Please let us know how to make this change.thanks.

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thank you for noticing that we are working on it :-)
Yes it is true, we want to make this add-on as good as possible.
We are currently uploading few bug fixes but in the next version there should be some variety of default search providers.

We have launched recently a new Add-on called Search it which will allow you to search highlighted texts on the context menu on various providers and you can even add a provider.
It has not been reviewed yet but it will be soon.
Stay tuned.
Wips.com team

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Michael, thank you for fixing the "Transparent Drop Down Window" bug in version 1.01.

"Search For" is opening in new tab but FF is switching to the new tab immediately. How to stop the switch to new tab. I even unchecked the "switch to new tab" in FF-> Tools-> Options-> Tabs. But the switch still happens. Anyone else have this prob? any solutions?

Please continue to work on this wonderful add-on as we eagerly await newer features. Thanks again for this convenient timesaver extension.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (