Needs improvement with the Alert Box in the Notification please! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

The Best part of this addon is that you can choose the area to monitor on a webpage instead of the whole webpage. Thankyou for that feature Webdeveloper ! So for that I will give a rating of 4 stars but with the fix of #1 and #2 from below, I would change the rating to 5 stars.

#1 This addon has the word Alert in it but it hardly Alerts.This is CRITICAL: The Alert Notification Box needs to remain there until I click on the link inside the box or I click on an CloseX button inside the AlertBox. It just pops up for 2 seconds and I rarely see it. What if my attention is somewhere else for that 2seconds. And I get NO sound alert because I am sometimes listening to music when online, or on the phone. Please add a CloseX in the Alertbox like the FF addon UpdateScanner.

#2 Screenshot view to see exact view:When Alert is expanded in viewing: -Options > screenshot view. Thankyou.

#3 Brief FF Addon displays the last time it was updated in tooltip when hover icon. (Last updated 6min ago). Thankyou Ajit K for agreeing to implement this feature.

#4 Alert Sound is very PIERCING and not pleasant at all. I do not have my own sound files and would like several sound choices that are provided by this addon that are pleasing to hear.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 


#1 and #4
The number in status/addon bar shows the new and unread alerts.

AlertBox stores HTML fragments. Sometimes HTML view may not be accurate. You could use Screenshot view to see exact view. Explore the "-Options" when you click to expand an alert.

Sure. This can be done very easily.

Many more enhancements and improvements are on its way.