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Not perfect (mostly because of Firefox's poor implementation of GTK). And needs a bit of refresher to keep up with GNOME 3.6 (see the disabled back/forward buttons and compare with Epiphany and Nautilus - disabled is not just grayed out, it's also now flattened.) Still, it's the best way to integrate Firefox into the GNOME environment.

Addendum: Wow - glad to help! Also, and I have no idea if this is feasible, but the inactive scrollbar should be very pale... though Firefox may not allow something like that (I'm just glad it's as close as it is!)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (17.1). 

Thanks! Bug filed

Thanks for the comment and rating.I've filed the bug on our issue tracker on github @:

We'll have a fix for this soon.

If you notice any other issues or have a feature request, please feel free to file additional issues on our bugtracker!