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I mentioned this had stopped working on (or was at fault to be accurate) but I found a workaround. There's several sites this seems not to work on but I've found workarounds too after a little bit of thought. Maybe people can post their workarounds? I find going to the website's advanced search sections gives you more of a chance too.

For I just went to
t=dvd and used the first search box. The results show everything with that name and then you can click the item you want. You could alter things of course.

Someone said doesn't work. Easy to workaround. Go to the UPC (code)/Titre box (looks like this: ) and right click Add to Search Bar from there. You can make other changes too.

I have over 100 of my own 'search engines' and they're invaluable with Organize Search Engines and Context Search as they're all in the context (right click) menu. Organize Search Engines allows you to add folders, edit etc (same author as Add to Search Bar so you know how good it will be).

Also, if you use Google Translate ( or currency sites you can set up automatic translation and currency too -in fact anything where you enter text and press 'search' or 'OK' to get a result or answer normally. I've even used it to force Google Images to show the simple version with a URL like -right click the search area/form entry as normal. So in future when you search a Google image it will land on that type of page design with your search term.

So, to search/convert/translate from your context (right click like this ) just highlight any text on any website, right click and away you go! No fingers needed (although I'd not recommend removing them).

VERY powerful search Addon.

Post your workarounds, fixes and tips! :-)

[using Firefox 3.6.16]

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0.1-signed).  This user has 2 previous reviews of this add-on.