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Brilliant! Replacing resource-hogging ads with contemporary art has to be the most beautiful, generous, and ingenious functionality to be offered as an option to enhance ones web browsing experience. I feel the fundamental idea of Add-Art is really an artwork all on its own. In fact, on a few occasions, I could honestly say the idea of Add-Art was more interesting than the work it was exhibiting at the time. Add-Art is essentially fostering opportunities to expose the masses to contemporary artwork by hosting digital exhibitions in spaces which were once occupied by less intellectual, and sometimes malicious, content: web ads. Anyhow, the idea of this add-on alone deserves praise, recognition and support. Shame on those that are giving this a bad rating just because they didn't like the exhibition that was up at whatever point in time they used it. If you don't like the work, it is not the programs fault. As previously noted, I see the exhibitions to be secondary in importance when compared to the fundamental concept of replacing something annoying and/or malicious with something thoughtful, intelligent, and maybe even beautiful. So, if the current exhibition is not inline with your aesthetics, then please be aware that is only YOUR opinion, which ultimately has nothing to do with the effectiveness or functionality of the add-on in regards to the intended purpose of the rating system which hosts this review. So to keep things fair and honest and to perpetuate peace, love and happiness in strange places such as this add-on review site, I might suggest that if you hate the current show, don't rate the add-on based on your criticism of the current work, please. You can express your opinions about art on a blog or forum, you can turn Add-Art off for a couple weeks until new work is uploaded, or better yet, you can look at the show every day and attempt to articulate why you don't like the work, why someone else might love the work, and maybe even identify ways to make the work stronger so you can make your own art and one-up that artist whose work you hated so much you ALMOST gave Add-Art a bad review, right before you read my post and came to your senses. On an semi-related note which is specifically responding to the review about "inappropriate content", if you can identify "inappropriate content" within an artwork I am compelled to believe your idea of art is not on the same page as that of the Add-Art Team's, or even the contemporary art world as as a whole, for that matter. Art can be whatever an artist wants. Art doesn't like rules and doesn't care what is appropriate under whatever circumstances you might find it offensive. In fact, offensive art is usually more successful than non-offensive. If its is a "family" sense of appropriateness you are referring to, art will always let you down so take your family to the zoo and skip the art museum. Maybe your idea of art is Thomas Kinkade or watercolor seascapes by that guy on PBS? If that's what going on, still stick with the zoo. The mall will have your Kinkades but you might have to cover your children's eyes when walking past Abercrombie or Victoria Secrets.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.8.4). 


This made me smile.

For the most part I agree. I feel it's important to give artists and curators as much freedom as possible. I feel this freedom is more important than trying to satisfy an audience, which has proved to be impossible - someone has complained about and/or complimented nearly every show. As a guideline we tell artists there's a very broad and massive audience and that the plugin is installed in public schools. As I have mentioned before, for the most part this has worked and only one time have we had to intervene.

Our goal is not to provide pleasing images. That said, it's not to upset people either. The goal is to create a new and interesting venue for contemporary art and to present it to audiences that would normally not see it.

I could go on too long, so let me direct people who would like to discuss to our forum at or feel free to contact us directly at info at

Thanks again for the words of support.