Disappointment Rated 1 out of 5 stars

After reading others' review, using the addon for several days, I am quite disappointed with the motive behind such version 2.0.1:

The addon enforces “Allow non-intrusive advertising” setting since version 2.0.

This is NOT a default opt-out, which do not respect users and not let them voluntarily choose to opt in.

Also, the developer seems having a motive to dilute users' incentive to check the filter list by the following ways:

1. the filter list (either custom or subscribed) no longer show up its content by default, you need to right click in the filter preference to make the filter content appear.

2. the allowance of "non-intrusive" ads is misleading, the judgement is not based on what users perceive as "non-intrusive" but simply based on the agreements made between developer and the site owners, the decision of unblocking is made by developer for the users. Due to such conflict of interest, it may probably ends up like this: "pay me $, otherwise I will block you".

3. if users are willing to support some of favorite sites, they can easily achieve that by custom filters or even disable ABP on per site basis. There is no such need for the "new function", if simply based on users' needs.

4. The option is enabled by default, with an opt-out choice to be made by users. Since the need for users to support their favorite site can be achieved by other ways as mentioned in point 3, the only motive behind that is to force some of unaware users to accept that by default. (i.e. a psychological bias trick)

5. the non-intrusive ad whitelist's content will not show up by default, the only way to make it show up, is to change setting via about:config. This prevents normal users to view the list easily in addon option, and hence keep track with what ads developer has unblocked for the users in long run.

To conclude, version 2.0.1 is pushed towards us, only for the sake of generating a source of revenue to developers by taking advantage of those unaware users or normal users who can't figure out how the whitelist actually works.

P.S.: the filter preference layout is worse than before as well, not user friendly for filter edition at all.

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