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This always was a top add-on and the complainers need to take a deep breath and consider how the real world works. There basically are 2 extremes:

1. The average user gets blasted with ads and has no idea that their privacy is taken to the slaughterhouse. Their data is harvested, compiled, endlessly resold... The bad guys make a fortune and the internet becomes a darker place.

2. People go overboard and honest websites either go broke, become pay-per-view or are forced to join the bad guys. Again, the bad guys become filthy rich and the good guys vanish...

I salute them for giving users the power to vote with their pocketbooks and make the internet a better place. Perhaps people on the internet have grown so accustomed to getting something for nothing that they have forgotten that building and maintaining a website costs $$$ and the money is going to come from somewhere. Don't kid yourselves thinking that it will all just appear out of thin air. It wont be as cut as dried as the all-or nothing extremes and it will mean some clicking. The bottom line is we may as well make being on the good side rewarding and punish bad behavior. In the long run it will make for a healthy, balanced and ultimately better experience.

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