Again a dead AddOn?!?!? Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Well, it's a really good idea, but... FF 26.0 nightly does no longer work with it and when I looked on SLP's homepage as well on it's Support page ... I recognized nearly no life. So I assume there will be no update available. It would - nonetheless - be great to see a reaction... will there be one?@Clint Priest:Ok, let's see what will happen...
Well, in the end it seems that I was right... and not even the developer knew, that he has lost interest in his product. In my eyes one should always have a clear imagination what to do and where to go. Targets change from time to time and we focus on other things... nothing unusual. But one should always have the honesty and sovereignty and stand to ones own decisions!

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It's alive and well, not much going on the old Google groups site because it generally just works. Issues should be posted to the issues page (which is now where the support link points to).