A Real Review Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Props to the developer who knows theres nothing wrong with being able to be aware of content!! Kudos!!
I love the Freedom To Choose & I love this Addon. I Chose it. I didn't add it so I could write a FAKE REVIEW & then delete the Addon. That would be pulp-commentary, not an actual review. Mozilla should fully support this Addon & even one that alerted to left-wing affiliates instead, because whatever our point of reference, we all deserve the Freedom to Choose.

RE Banning this Addon: My review is that I like this Addon and it is welcome because its about choice:
Should book stores be "above" the political also & stop providing a drop-down-box select tool to filter which books of which perspective we want or don't want to browse or read? Should I not be able to narrow my choices or should choice be eliminated totally. Maybe they should stop selling political media altogether. Remote Controls for our TV? Lets remove the channel changing option on it so that the TV can be "above" politics, or have it choose for us. Heck lets ban all politics from any and all news & affiliates, tech, conversation or gossip for that matter... then we would be free to make No-Choice-what-so-ever... We would be So tooootally FREE!!! Can't you Feel the Freedom?! Free at last. Hmph.
Freedom: banning itself since the birth of democracy. See... it. does. not. fit. This is why this Addon should be & be Fully Supported by Mozilla. It Adds. It does not take away.

The ban-it-attitude is why democracy can suffer so much. No one should ban this Addon because Exercising "Freedom" to ban Freedom is nonsensical and absurd. Its an oxymoron. I use this Addon as a tool to filter content that I, as a free person, consider to be corrupt. If I were conservative I'd want one to do the same for progressive media owned sites. Either way, Again, Kudos to the developer. Lets get it Fully Supported:)