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Save As eBook

Save a web page or selection as eBook (.epub)

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29 users


Extension for checking availability of several websites

Source @GitHub: https://github.com/StephanAltmann85/chrome-extension-servercheck

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15 users

Rufus IXL

Replaces the Welcome on IXL to Have fun with Rufus

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3 users

Just Redirect!

Get to the destination url without any page in the middle attacks.

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90 users

TutorMe Screen Sharing

This Firefox extension enables screen sharing for the TutorMe online tutoring platform.

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1 user

HTML5 one-click checker

An extension for checking HTML5 validity in one-click.

Send the source of your current tab to W3C HTML5 validator (http://validator.w3.org/nu/) and display the result

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123 users

Search & Destroy for Amazon, Etsy and Ebay!

Extension to remember items you've already while searching + keyboard navigation (through items lists and pages)!

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6 users



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33 users

Remove Acadie Nouvelle paywall

Extension that remove Acadie Nouvelle paywall.

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9 users

Cisco WebEx Extension

Join WebEx meetings using Firefox ™

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35 users


Add a simulated scrollbar to the page.

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25 users

Screen Sharing By ATExpert

Screen Sharing By ATExpert HUB

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3 users

Persistent Highlighter

A watered-down port to WebExtensions of Prostetnic Highlighter ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/prostetnic/ )

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31 users

FB Annotate Img

Annotate each img tag with the dimensions of the image

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8 users

No More Him

This extension detects him and replaces his picture with no more him icon.

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3 users


Deixando seu managerzone mobile.

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10 users

amo e10s

display e10s compatibility on amo, checks add-on source if author specified compatibility or not.

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12 users

Snip It

SnipIt allows you to easily save and organize code snippets in the cloud.

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1 user

screen-sharing atexpert

A screen-sharing extension by ATExpert

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10 users

I'm not robot captcha clicker

I'm not robot captcha automatic clicker.
If such a form is presented, it automatically clicks it saving your precious 5-7 seconds.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (2)
168 users