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Active Tab Switcher Requires Restart

Toolbar buttons to move back and forward in the tab list like the Ctrl pgup / pgdn shortcuts. Also close next / previous tab with Right-click, and Middle-click makes them custom new tab buttons

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Download YouTube Videos as MP4

use this addon alot, hope you still consider integrating ffmpeg Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Have been wondering why i cant dl 480p anymore, and looked around for another addon to do it, found 'Ant Video Downloader' which used to only dl to flv, but upon asking it to dl a 480p mp4, a message banner appeared saying it needed ffmpeg, and agreeing to install it, it auto downloaded & installed without needing a restart, and just as you describe the video downloaded as two streams, then created the named mp4 as a 3rd instance. Just mentioning that as a working example you might try to replicate for this addon, and anyone else for a workaround to add that functionality in the meantime. Cheers

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Word Count Tool

very handy, thanks Rated 4 out of 5 stars

but has room for improvement, suggest adding options to change how much of the readout shows, as there can be alotof toolbar elements vying for space (buttons, textboxes etc). Heres a quick css workaround to shorten the readout. for reference the standard widths 300px

@-moz-document url("chrome://browser/content/browser.xul") {

/* THIS SHORTENS TOOLBAR READOUT TO "Last Selected xxxxxx words." */ /*
toolbaritem[label="Word Count Tools"] { min-width: 160px !important; width: 160px } */

/* THIS SHORTENS TOOLBAR READOUT TO "Last Selected xxxxxx" */
toolbaritem[label="Word Count Tools"] { min-width: 125px !important; width: 125px }

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Hide Caption Titlebar Plus ⁴

still an outstanding addon Rated 5 out of 5 stars

btw since Australis have had an ironic glitch thought to be a broken feature in hctp that when clicking on the floating menubar menus (hovering over tabs) the #tabbrowser-tabs gets pushed down a row to make room for the titlebar where the menubar will then sit while menus are open - turns out the fix was to goto about:config and type "titlebar" then change the value of "browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar" from true to false

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Add-ons Manager Context Menu

Still works in Tb 31.2.0 Rated 5 out of 5 stars

and just as good to have as in Fx. Fwiw i edited the install.rdf to bump the highest version number but didnt check if it needed the bump

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DOM Inspector Plus! [dm]

horizontal scrollbar in #trDOMTree are good Rated 5 out of 5 stars

am i looking at it right that the only difference between Dom Inspector plus and standard DOM inspector 2.0.14 are
the extra menu box model plus and horizontal scrollbars in #trDOMTree instead of the window columns resizing to fit?

im not proficient enough to understand or use box model info so only the scrollbars appeal, but worth using just for that

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sidebar popup panel

Thanks Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Good idea, a floating panels much better than fixed, so good to see a standalone addon doing it. Not so keen on the fixed height setting tho, not letting it drag to the bottom of the screen, would you consider allowing it to to be full height?

Also about compatibility, has a couple issues with All in One Sidebar, one with the min/standard/max width settings, where youll get the inner box not matching the outer box width till manually dragged out a certain point, can temporarily fix it changing AiOS settings but doesnt hold. The others with autohide while resizing it, where it stops responding while dragging the resizer and autohides, meaning you have to disable that to do it

Element Inspector

Awesome Rated 5 out of 5 stars

makes domi really accssable, i tried domi a couple years ago and found it to abstract to find anything, but element inspector makes it intuitive. Thanks

Btw its also possible to have this open Domi in the sidebar if you install Omni Sidebar and More In Content UI + or a new tab with the latter

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All the Tools

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

has potential if you increase the panel size or work out how to target the button icon size back to what it used to be in the customize panel pre 29, or users just have to move all buttons with non optimized icons, or no icons or long names somewhere else which in my case is half the customize menu content at the least, and relocating things to hidden toolbars are too easy to forget. cheers

Australis Small Icons

Its good but only using css version Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Idk how this works as an extension, cause im using your other version - not only shrinks the navbar height, but moves tabs into the titlebar in "normal" window mode reduces icon padding. Heres a comparison Thanks

Favicon Restorer

Still worth installing Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Used this for ages, was a real improvement originally, but iiuc now only change https favions? would have to test a few more profiles with/without to properly compare, but wrote a script to allow a few things like auto-hide, auto-collapse etc, and this addons still required for all sites using that, so still consider this a great addon. thanks

btw a good companion addon for this is Site Identity Button Colors

Searchbar Autosizer

Excellent idea, works well Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Only found out about this yesterday after submitting my own script to userstyles, doing a very similar thing, but this' still a smart solution to have more room for the urlbar.

My script cant autoresize, but has expand on hover and is still partially compatible with this, if you choose clear search query after submitting, which isnt the best trade off cause checking last search query is why youd want expand on hover most of the time

Anyway added instructions to use that script with this addon installed if anyones interested to try it. In practice the main difference other than the trade off is when its shrunk, you see the active search engine icon instead of this addons Go button. Can check it out here

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About Pages

Mozilla needs to update its listing of this, isnt compatible with Fx 26, 25 or anything over 15 Rated 1 out of 5 stars

First it doesnt install, and trying to spoof the install.rdf or using the addon to ignore version compatibility will just kill Fx, need to hard shutdown, dont try it, dont listen to previous reviewer. Its a good addon idea, but needs to be stripped down and remade compatible for current versions newer than 15.0

History Submenus II

Excellent Rated 5 out of 5 stars

very clever history sorting, and recommend using a menu bar dropdown addon for the taskbar. Personal Menu adds one, but also does alotof other things; Custom Buttons 'My Menu Buttons' by Darkmatter lets you add individual buttons for each of the menus, so can just add the history button for a cleaner approach, but suggest disabling this addon first if you do, install that button then reactivate this, might glitch otherwise showing two sets of the days. Thanks

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Unsorted Bookmarks Folder Menu

Simple but worthy feat Rated 5 out of 5 stars

without this, having unsorted entries in the bookmarks taskbar button or menubar is pretty pointless unless you actually want Library opened up, this is a good solution Thanks.

btw heres a slightly (lol) expanded and modified version of the script above im using, cleans things right up, eg

#bookmarksMenuPopup menuseparator[builder="end"],
#menu_unsortedBookmarks {
display:none !important; }

#BMB_bookmarksPopup menuseparator[builder="end"],
#BMB_unsortedBookmarks {
display:none !important; }

#appmenu_bookmarksPopup menuseparator[builder="end"],
#appmenu_unsortedBookmarks {
display:none !important; }

Also checkout It lets you access specific bookmark folders from a new taskbar dropdown list

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Layout Plan (Menu on Titlebar)

partly works, partly broken Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Dont click the 'Reset Toolbar Layout' options, itll just deactivate the menu bar menus, greying them out and youll have to restart the browser to restore them.

Have only tried this on Palemoon 24 (new profile) but expect itll behave the same on Firefox 25, will check later and update if any different.

Also, when you untick 'Menu in Titlebar' and the browser windows maximized, and you have 'tabs on top' set, the tabs should be repositioned to sit next to the Firefox button in the top row, but this addon keeps tabs in the second row, as if the windows minimized.

So if you can live with tabs never being on the top row next to the Firefox button, and remember to stay away from the Reset Toolbar Layout options works fine, and like that when it shows the menu bar menus, will also keep the Firefox button menu showing, the normal way Firefox hides it when showing the menu bar's annoying, this way better

Image Zoom

needs to be simplified Rated 2 out of 5 stars

have to rate this low even tho its a great idea cause ive found it impossible to use, and couldnt understand the setup options, so hoped the default configuration would be ok, but its not, theres caveats to what happens when you resize images even just clicking the plus icon to enlarge them as you normally can without this addon, where images will always get locked on the enlarged size or the smaller size until you choose a custom image size from the context menu, but even that doesnt seem to show correct sizes, so i dont even know how to choose 100% to get 100%. Just seems to have too many features that screw with the funtionality


Brilliant Rated 5 out of 5 stars

have wanted a way to jump between tabs for ages, and adding the feature to jump between tabs and menu popups is genius. thanks

edit: hey, just meant when you open a menu, like an addon options menu or the Library which are popups, clicking Pause will minimize the menu and focus back on the current tab like you explain in the description, but also does the same between two popup menus again as you explain, minimize one, minimize the other by repressing Pause. its a good shortcut

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0.1-signed.1-signed). 


Brilliant Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Finally something to make the sidebar a floatable, resizable, multi taskable option, that can also open/close moving the cursor off screen, this works very well, tho the aero styles not my favorite, eg do like the style Tab Scope uses, more like window normal aero, but personal taste. Would also be good if theres a way to stop browser background flashing before they load, tends to vary from half a second to a few, its still fine but adding the following line to userChrome.css or a Stylish script sorts it out

browser {
background-color: transparent !important; }

you could also add

#bookmarksPanel, #history-panel {
background: transparent !important; }

which if the sidebars docked, will show a loop of your lightweight theme as the sidebar background. Things like work well, anything without a focus point and consistent colors the whole height cause it takes the height (300px) and repeats it vertically

back on topic, was thinking another feature that'd be great is if the twin sidebar, (or main sidebar when on the right) could have its right edge moved away from the browser windows right edge so itd sit to the right of the scroll bar, letting you still scroll with it open, not sure it can be done but an idea

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2 Pane Bookmarks

Brilliant Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Improves the side bar menu a thousand fold, is sorely needed and works perfectly, its also compatible with OmniSidebar. Thanks

@cmr, you need to troubleshoot the issue (test it on a new profile etc) not give this a 1 star review, thats just bad form, the right click context menu in bookmarks pane still shows up for me in two profiles, and will update this if it turns out to be a problem in any others or other browser clones, so suspect your issues from something else (eg, found what you describe in the menubar bookmarks when using Compact Menu 3 which isnt available on AMO, was only released to make a few bugfixes years ago for Compact Menu 2, *but* with that, the context menu in bookmarks sidebar still showed up). You might even find restarting the browser fixes it

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.6.2013040601.1-signed). 

Hide Caption Titlebar Plus ⁴

Actually brilliant if configured right Rated 5 out of 5 stars

and not sure what dudipunk meant that its not compatible with Fx 25, its working fine at my end.

The Firefox menu bars always been a bugbear how bad it is, and never understood why they havent addressed it, but this addons an elegant solution, and the resized minimize/maximize/close buttons have been something ive wanted for awhile, shortof reskining windows itself, so also welcome. Fwiw, still prefer using the newer Firefox 'menu button' menu, but to allow the 'menu bar' to popup the way this does, giving access to both at the same time is good, also looks good with a font change like - if you wanto try that, see the script below, can be added to a userChrome.css in your profile chrome folder or added as a Stylish script

but if using a persona probably need to change the themes "textcolor" to #000000 in about:config for the "lightweightThemes.usedThemes" prompting HCTP to render a white background, otherwise its black. Just click that entry and use the arrow till the first instance of "textcolor" appears which'll be your active theme, (and it wont change the backing till youve swapped that theme out and back) script:

menubar > menu {
color: #282828 !important;
font-family: Lucida Console !important;
font-weight: normal !important;
text-shadow: -1px 0px 1px rgba(255, 230, 150, .8), -1px 1px 1px #444444 !important; }

menubar > menu[_moz-menuactive="true"][open="false"] {
color: #282828 !important;
font-family: Lucida Console !important;
font-weight: normal !important;
text-shadow: -1px 0px 1px rgba(255, 230, 150, .8), -1px 1px 1px #444444 !important; }

menubar > menu[_moz-menuactive="true"][open="true"] {
color: #282828 !important;
font-family: Lucida Console !important;
font-weight: normal !important;
text-shadow: -1px 0px 1px rgba(255, 230, 150, .8), -1px 1px 1px #444444 !important; }

can also set it to look heavier by changing font weight to bold. And if you stop using this addon, might find the beige shadow color 255 230 150 (FFE696) looks too obvious with some lightweight themes, cause the menus rendered on the theme itself, so added transparency option to tone it down if necessary where .8 means 80% opacity

anyway thanks DarthMadara

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