Force Addon Status Requires Restart

Provides ability to change status of specific addon (enabled/disabled).

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1,120 users

OpenMixTools Requires Restart

convert session files of yamaha consoles, print channel lists and reports

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3 users

Keyword to Latest Digg URL Converter

This addon converts a user selected keyword within a website, to the newest digg entry which encapsulates the target keyword.

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1 user

GuifiProxy Infocentre Santa Bàrbara Requires Restart

Facilitates the use of proxies allows switching between them with two clicks, import i export lists, edit, add and delete manually, automatic authentication and exception address

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1 user

Only Minor Update Requires Restart

Applies only minor updates of the application.

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510 users

中止ボタンがサーニャに見えて困る Requires Restart


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91 users

PathExplorer Requires Restart

Adds "Open with Explorer" to the message pane's right-click menu.

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71 users

Print Preview Toolbar Button Requires Restart

A small devision of Toolbar Buttons https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2377/ or http://codefisher.org/toolbar_button/

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25 users

ExecMail Requires Restart

Executes JavaScript in the editing mail.

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119 users

Page Content Estimator

This addon estimates the number of links in a target page.

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2 users

filer Requires Restart

Filing with postfix so there is another File needed for Postfix, so that Postfix know where to FIle the Email

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1 user

Google+ Share for Thunderbird Requires Restart

Share a URL in Google+ directly from Thunderbird. This addon is the Thunderbird XUL version of Google+ Share for Firefox Desktop.

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384 users

Always Default Client

Makes the application to the default client on every startup.

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11 users

Account Manager Toolbar Button Requires Restart

This is a small devision of Toolbar Buttons https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2377/ or

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22 users

Don't Forget CC Requires Restart


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34 users



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1 user

Hütte Nippon for Thunderbird Requires Restart

Display weather report for a week of Japan.

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0 users

Dissociate Occurrence Requires Restart

This add-on provides an extra menu item, labeled 'Dissociate Occurrence', to events' context menu, which allows an occurrence of a recurring event to be dissociated from the rest of the recurring series.

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12 users

Cairo Dock Unread Count Requires Restart

Displays number of unread messages in all inboxes

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5 users

SUNBIRD Button-**32** bit version-for Firefox 4.* and Thunderbird 3.* Requires Restart

A button to call up the Sunbird Calendar from Firefox and Thunderbird toolbars. This version for 32-bit operating system!

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30 users