Complete Themes by Weekly Downloads

  • arcticglow-thunder

    Theme based on arctic blues.
    965 users
    6 weekly downloads
  • NASA Normal

    Simple white and gray theme with NASA styling
    504 users
    6 weekly downloads
  • Phoenity Thunderbird

    A simple and colourful theme for...
    1,406 users
    6 weekly downloads
  • Humanity

    A Humanity-Theme for linux-users. Works well with elementary or Humanity iconsets. Uses a lot of gtk-standard icons.
    196 users
    5 weekly downloads
  • Futurama

    Based on Nautical by Marcus...
    474 users
    5 weekly downloads
  • Winstripe

    Mostly accommodates Thunderbird version 2.
    580 users
    4 weekly downloads
  • Mattahan

    Theme for Thunderbird based on Mattahan Icons
    This theme is a tribute to him.
    68 users
    3 weekly downloads
  • GNOME-Tb2

    Port of the old GNOME stock icons based on a previous version for thunderbird 0.8 - 1.0...
    281 users
    3 weekly downloads
  • Thunderbird Human

    A Thunderbird theme that fits nicely into the default Human theme of Ubuntu's GNOME desktop. Utilizes a bit of the existing Tango for Thunderbird theme's styles for even better...
    31 users
    3 weekly downloads
  • Doodle Plastik for Thunderbird

    A childish and colorful theme for Thunderbird with menu icons, and a fresh look inspired by KDE's Plastik interface...
    523 users
    3 weekly downloads
  • Tango Icons for Thunderbird

    Tango Icons for Mozilla...
    745 users
    3 weekly downloads
  • miniBird

    Thunderbird 2.0 theme reduced to minimal sizes for the maximum userplace (works on TB1.5 and 2.0+)
    918 users
    3 weekly downloads
  • Plastikthunder Crystal SVG

    Plastik style from KDE with Crystal SVG icons for...
    1 user
    3 weekly downloads
  • Le Breeze for Thunderbird

    A gray, minimal theme for Thunderbird based on flyson's Breeze.
    11 users
    2 weekly downloads
  • Dancing Mouse Human Thunderbird 2 theme for Ubuntu

    DancingMouseHuman is the DancingMouse theme by Martin Picek with some icons change that makes this theme to fit more the Ubuntu's default theme called Human.
    This theme works with Thunderbird 2.
    9 users
    1 weekly download
  • DancingMouse for Thunderbird3

    It's supposed to give Thunderbird 3 the same look and feel as Firefox 3.
    1 user
    1 weekly download