Useful and smart Rated 5 out of 5 stars

It works as described, customizable and very useful.
The main pain from built-in Keyboard Modes - that they are global and affects not only input fields, but also hot keys etc., that isn't so desirable.
This addon resolves this issue - it affects only chosen input field.
But anyway I have few proposals that can make this addon more attractive.
1. Is it possible to add "sticky" toggling that will affect all input fields and will keep the Keyboard Mode after page refreshing or even loading another url? Currently each time when page is reloading or user switches to another tab, he has to toggle Keyboard Mode, that isn't so comfortable.
2. The Cyrillic Keyboard has more letters and therefore it must occupy some useful keys, for example, "=,+,[,]," etc.
So, if I need to use them I have to toggle Keyboard Mode, press the desired key and toggle Keyboard Mode once more and it is not so comfortable.
Is it possible when the input field is toggled to Transliterator's Keyboard to use, let say, Alt key for "hot reverting to original keyboard", i.e. "=" will be "ь", but Alt-= will be "=" etc.
Of course, all hot keys with Alt should be suppressed.
3. Regarding creating own layout. In your site you explain how to do this. But it is difficult for non-advanced users to create by themselves such files.
Is it possible to put in your site an example of such file, for instance - layout for "ЯЖЕРТЫ", or link to such file or how to get it from addon (it should be anywhere in addon), that user can copy it and use as template where he will change some things.
It would be better if addon's UI will allow it - for example user will be able to copy one from listed layouts, rename it and in View would be able to edit.
Thank you

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Hi, thanks for the review

3 - enter "about:config" into the address field, press the "I'll be careful..." button, type "transliterator.layout" into the search box, and you'll see all the layouts. Copy and paste as you wish.

1 and 2 may be possible (sticky keyboard mode is at the top of my TODO list) but unfortunately I don't have enough free time to work on this. Maybe when i retire... only 30 or so years to go :)