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Excellent! very slick and useful, thank you!


- On youtube with HTML 5 video, full screen still leaves the bar at the top. This doesn't happen with the default theme.

- It happened once that the bar showed, and didn't hide anymore. No matter if i switched tabs, clicked the bar, entered new URLs, etc. IIRC the only fix was to disable and enable the addon (so it's great it doesn't need restart ;) ).


- Configurable animation on/off (it's very quick anyway, and some may prefer it to just show up instead of animating in)

- Configuration to somehow show the bar a bit earlier (e.g. maybe if the mouse is close to it, or maybe if you can detect that the mouse is moving towards the bar quickly - but hide it if the mouse stops before reaching it). It would be easier to hit since by the time the pointer gets there - you already see where the mouse pointer should go, rather than getting there, looking for your target, and then moving the mouse again towards it.

Anyway, keep up the great job :)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

I'm glad you like the add-on! I've replied to all of your comments in the github support page already. And if you can reproduce the bug where the toolbars get stuck open with the latest beta I linked you to in there, please open a new issue about it.