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I really like this extension, although it needs some more fixes to be more compatible with Tab Mix Plus, as others mentioned.

It would be useful to add a few shortcut keys.
For now I added them using the keyconfig extension:

TabGroupsManager.allGroups.makeNewGroupActive(); // Ctrl+Alt+G
TabGroupsManager.allGroups.closeActiveGroup(); // Ctrl+Alt+W

TabGroupsManager.allGroups.groupbar.advanceSelectedTab(1,true); // Ctrl+Alt+PageDown
TabGroupsManager.allGroups.groupbar.advanceSelectedTab(-1,true); // Ctrl+Alt+PageUp

TabGroupsManager.allGroups.groupbar.selectedIndex=0; // Ctrl+Alt+1
TabGroupsManager.allGroups.groupbar.selectedIndex=1; // Ctrl+Alt+2
TabGroupsManager.allGroups.groupbar.selectedIndex=2; // Ctrl+Alt+3
TabGroupsManager.allGroups.groupbar.selectedIndex=9; // Ctrl+Alt+0

*** EDIT ***

changed group switching to ctrl+num and alt+pgup/dn,
added shortcuts for switching to nth tab in a group:

var c = 0;
for(var tab=gBrowser.mTabContainer.firstChild;tab;tab=tab.nextSibling){
if(tab.group==this && c++ == n){
return tab;
return null;
var tab = this.searchNthTab(n);
if (tab) {
this.selectedTab = gBrowser.selectedTab = tab;
return tab;

TabGroupsManager.allGroups.selectedGroup.switchTab(0); // Alt+1
TabGroupsManager.allGroups.selectedGroup.switchTab(1); // Alt+2

PS: a mailing list / forum would be nice for this addon

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2009.03.03.02). 

Thank you for the review.

I think that shortcut keys is necessary for not only convenience but also accessibility.
I think that being able to operate the full spectrum without using the mouse is an ideal.(including menu operation)
Therefore, I thought that I will create shortcut keys collectively after a necessary function had been completed.
But, it might be better that I create only the main shortcut keys early.
I think I will create only main shortcut keys early.

Thank you for the proposal of shortcut keys too.
Because shortcut keys often conflict with other add-ons, I will enable the setting of it.
I will think about the default setting based on the proposal.