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HelloVery useful addon, thanks a lot.I have some trouble using it with the Expression Search though: I'm hiding the Global search field and i'm using the Expression Search field to launch Gloda searches (Shift+Enter). But Gloda search won't run anymore when Search as List is installed.

Hi Drew
Thanks for you reply.
I have actually setup Expression Search correctly for Shift+Enter and I'm with Search-as-list acting as you describe.. when it works :)Because I have noted that we the TB default "Global Search" field is not displayed on any bar, pressing Shift+Enter on a criteria in ExpressionSearch field does not launch the search at all. On the contrary, when I add the "Global search" field to the top bar, then pressing Shift+Enter works correctly. Nothing shows up in the console. Strange isn't it?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0). 

Expression Search


UPDATE: The dev. of Expression Search / GMailUI 0.8.7 clarified this matter for me. In the next release I've fixed the indicator so that your search-as-list functionality will return.

Too many permutations.

- psoebr

After some testing I've found that Search-as-list (and options) act on Expression Search / GMailUI 0.8.7 Shift+Enter queries. Basically any faceted view will get replaced by the Search-as-list configuration.Please note: "Enable Gloda search and Indexer" found in TB options >> Advanced >> General >> Advanced Configuration must be active at TB startup for Shift+Enter to work in Expression Search / GMailUI 0.8.7.For clarity, what would you like to happen when you hold perform a Shift+Enter query using Expression Search / GMailUI?


- psoebr