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This is almost exactly what I have been wanting in Thunderbird ever since I started using Thunderbird. It even has exactly the built-in filters that I was looking for, but it took a while of reading through the documentation to figure out which filter name goes with which behavior

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0). 

thanks for 5*

I see you edited your review :-) if you have suggestions for new filter templates I am very interested in hearing about them at the support site.

quickFilters is a relatively "young" add-on (with only 4500 users) so there is scope for growing it if there is interest; it just takes time and a little back & forth with the users. You can make feature requests at the official site, here:


and/or definitely contact me via the email link on these pages! I do what I can t improve it.The default filter is geared towards filtering "conversation-type" mail, which is usually alwyas between the user and another person, hence it looks for "from" and "To"; this makes even more sense when used with "Copy Sent to Current" and you want to tidy up an inbox which is full of conversations with a contact.