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End-User License Agreement

Workflow, e-signature Nathky requires that you accept the following End-User License Agreement before installation can proceed:

Nathky beta service user agreement
  • Main purpose of the beta version is for users to understand Nathky service to evaluate the use of Nathky full service.
  • Available functions may not be sufficient for full scale use.
  • Some functions cannot be used as system is still being developed.
  • Some functions could be bug-prone.
  • Contact Nathky if you have any requests for improvements or incur any inconvenience.
  • There could be some specification changes such as API.
  • At the start of full service, beta version users may need to restore initial state and re-register groups and processes.
  • This service is free of charge until the start of full service.
Nathky Terms of Service

Article 1 - Definition
  • App: Workflow service Nathky software provided by Nathky Corp. Does not include official process.
  • Official process: provided as Nathky common group (a group comprised of Nathky all users and owned by Nathky Corp) process and the process can be used regardless of which group customer belongs.
  • This software: app, official process overall.
  • This service: function provided by the software itself or cooperation.
  • User file: Electronic information provided by Nathky to customer for using this software.
  • Premium consent: Electronic information provided by Nathky to customer's app for using paid services after payment of service fees by the customer.
  • Combined payment: Payment of service fees for several premium consent combined.
  • Combined premium consent: Electronic information provided by Nathky when combined payment is received.
  • Consent agreement: User file, Premium consent, Combined premium consent.
  • Official Process Provider: Person providing official process
  • Official Process User: Person using official process

Article 2 -Granting of Right to Use
  1. When the user candidate for this software and service has agreed with this agreement, applied to use Nathky software and services, Nathky has authorized and published an user file to the user candidate, they have acquired this software and qualified to use this service.
  2. An underage user candidate shall apply after obtaining consent from his or her legal representative beforehand. Consent shall be obtained in advance each time for each paid service and official process application.
  3. Nathky permits the right of use to the customer which cannot be transferred [software and services are non-exclusive, re-consent is not possible] according to the conditions given in consent agreement.
  4. Official process provider shall permit the right of use of official process which cannot be transferred [official process is non-exclusive, re-consent is not possible] to a customer according to the conditions given in consent agreement by the method specified by Nathky being given the right of representation by the official process provider in the range required for performing the task .
  5. A customer shall use this software and services according to these terms of agreement.
  6. For the user application for paid service, customer shall pay the amount shown in the separate price list. Premium consent is issued by Nathky after payment is confirmed, and thereby, use of paid services is valid until the end of the term shown in Premium consent.
  7. The customer may continue to use this software and services by updating the user file by the end of the term according to the procedures outlined by Nathky.
  8. The customer can continue to use paid services by paying the user fee by the due date given by Nathky.
  9. When a customer using paid services adds more paid services, the usage term of additional paid services is the same as that of the usage term of paid service, and is calculated on a pro-rate basis.
  10. When choosing combined payment of the fees for two or more customers using paid services, the contract term is unified into the longest usage term at the time of the change to combined total payment, and difference is calculated on a pro-rate basis.
  11. When a customer changes e-mail address, re-acquisition of user file is needed. When the customer using paid services changes e-mail address, new fees and consent agreement are needed.
  12. The customer shall not transfer, rent, lend or sell consent agreement to a third party without obtaining prior approval from Nathky.
  13. In relation to the use of this software and services, if the customer causes damages to a third party or Nathky, or when a dispute arises between a customer and other customers, a third party or Nathky, the customer shall resolve compensation for damages or settle the dispute with own expenses and responsibility, and the customer shall not cause any trouble and damages to Nathky.
Article 3 - Copyright, etc.
  1. All the intellectual property rights: copyright, patents, trademarks, know-how, and others for this software, this service and all documents such as manuals relevant to this software and this service belong to Nathky or the original rights holder who permitted Nathky to perform user consent to a customer based on this agreement, and no rights other than the right to use shall be transferred to customers based on this agreement.
  2. Shall not perform source code analytic work, such as reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling of binary module nathky.dll which constitutes part of the software and make changes.
  3. Even if certain problems arise and originate in changes made by the customer to this software, Nathky will not take any responsibilty for the damage concerned.
Article 4 - Limited Assurance and Liability
  1. Even when damage occurs to customer in relation to use or not being able to use this software and service, Nathky takes no responsibility except for the terms explicitly outlined in this agreement.
  2. Nathky will not provide compensation to customer for damages and lost profits resulting from violation of this agreement, misuse, etc.
  3. Even when all or part of the data saved is damaged from using this software and service, Nathky takes no responsibility.
  4. If it is the responsibility of a customer or a third party other than Nathky, even when a customer cannot use all or a part of this software and these services, Nathky will not be held responsible.
  5. The total amount of the liability which Nathky pays to a customer or other third parties under this agreement regardless of the reason is a maximum of 100% of the amount the customer actually paid for this service during the contract period.
  6. The user support for this software for all or some operating systems may end at the discretion of Nathky. In such a case, Nathky will announce the end of user support on the website.
Article 5- Certificate
  1. The user file issued to each customer by Nathky is issued as certificate X.509 format with Nathky self-signed certificate signature.
  2. The only customer information contained in user file are Nathky ID and e-mail address.
  3. The customer shall agree to register Nathky self-signed certificate as a reliable root certificate in Thunderbird (parent of the Nathky softoware) for setting up use.
  4. The customer shall agree the user file (X.509 certificate) issued to each customer by Nathky will only to be used by the customer for Nathky services.
Article 6 - Automatic Update

The customer shall agree for the software to be updated automatically through Nathky or a third party's server which Nathky specifies for the purpose of enhancing security, correcting faults, and improving functions, and as some functions may be added, changed or deleted, each provision of this agreement is applied to the updated software and Nathky will not be held responsible for any problems as a result of not activating the automatic software update function.

Article 7 - Prohibited Items
    Customers cannot conduct any of the following while using Nathky software and services:
  1. Conduct breaking the law
  2. Disrupt Nathky services, usage by other customers, others services and facilities operations
  3. Sharing same user file among several customers
  4. Steal someone's identity and use Nathky services
  5. Conduct related to antisocial forces
  6. Conduct contributing to any of the above
  7. Conduct considered to be any of the above by Nathky
  8. Other actions deemed inappropriate by Nathky.
Article 8 - End of Service Use
  1. Customer can end use of Nathky software and services by following the separate procedures set forth by Nathky.
  2. Nathky can immediately terminate the services to customers violating this agreement.
  3. For any of the above, Nathky is not required to refund and money.
  4. For any of the above, the customer must destroy the software, consent agreement, related documents and copies.
Article 9 - Handling of Customer Information
  1. The customer shall agree to allow Nathky to collect and use customer information, contract, usage records, inquiries, and questionnaire responses (henceforth "customer information in a broad sense") after taking required protection measures, and retain the customer information in a broad sense for a considerable period after concluding use of this service.
  2. Nathky shall devise a rational safe bet and manage properly so that there is no unlawful access, loss, disappearance, alteration, disclosure of customer information in a broad sense.
  3. The customer shall agree to allow Nathky to use customer information in a broad sense in addition to use for Nathky services or provide it to third party for the following purposes after a confidentiality agreement is signed.
    1. When provided to official process provider for user support purpose, and for purposes which the customer has consented separately to the official process provider.
    2. When Nathky will modify customer information so that individuals cannot be identified and use/provide the information for conducting statistical analysis to grasp the service user trends.
    3. Response to legal obligation for disclosure.
    4. Prior consent is obtained from customer.
Article 10 - General Provisions
  1. The most recent version is valid when this contract is revised. Nahtky shall be able to change this contract by notifying members by posting any changes on our company website. After a notice concerning changes to this contract is posted on the website and customers do not cancel the use of this software and Nathky services in accordance with Article 7 within 7 days, it shall be deemed that the customers have agreed to the contract changes.
  2. When the contents of this contract differs from the individual use consent contract specified in the services provided by Nathky, except for the case where Nathky sets separately, the contents provided in an individual use consent contract shall have priority, and shall be applied.
  3. This contract shall be governed by the laws of Japan. When a problem arises between a customer and Nathky in relation to this contract, both sides shall talk in good faith. Any disputes resulting from this contract shall be settled first by the Tokyo District Court.
  4. The Japanese version shall be applied when there is a discrepancy between the Japanese version and the English version of the contract.

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