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Great extension! Thanks a lot to the author.
Anything coming up for TB17?
Unfortunately, I stopped using ComposeRTF since TB upgraded me to v. 17, which Mozilla reports as incompatible with this great extension.

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Thanks LouvaAhmar for the instructions. The extension now works normally in Thunderbird 6. I don't know why they don't make the ability to change writing direction built in. There are many users who needs this ability.

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Very good addon!
Thank you!

For use on 3.x:
1) rename "composertf-1.0-tb.xpi" to "composertf-1.0-tb.zip"
2) unpack file "install.rdf" from this archive
3) Open it in notepad, find string "<em:maxVersion>2.0.0.*</em:maxVersion>" and change to "<em:maxVersion>4.0.0.*</em:maxVersion>".
4) save this file.
5) add it to arhive "composertf-1.0-tb.zip" (replacing original).
6) rename back "composertf-1.0-tb.zip" to "composertf-1.0-tb.xpi".
7) instal it. (it must work)

I use this addon on 3.1.10 all are OK!

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ComposeRTF for thunderbird version 3.x

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Thanks, great work. I just needed this icon to compose RTL message. As other people said, you just need to rename the add-on to something like (RTL).

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Only way for me to add these LTR-RTL buttons on the format toolbar.

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I'm wondering what's bad with bidiui, and why you have created addon for similar purpose. Can you please tell us what you've found bad with bidiui implementation?

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great extension, but you gotta rename it. If it doesn't appear with searching "rtl" than it's just not there.