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The theme is nice and it works well. : ) Because of your screen shot I started work on reducing the size of my Blue Fox theme as much as possible. : ) One more thing.I'm trying to help people with self-hosted and Amo-hosted themes get their creations more popular.I've added links on my website to homepages of 34 theme developers.I've added yours as well.I hope you don't mind. : ) Here's a link http://firefoxthemes.hostei.com/mthemes.html .Keep up the good work.The theme is nice. : )

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.2). 

Thanks Jivko! I'm really excited that you're reducing the size of your themes as well, I'm glad I spurred you on to do that :-) Your philosophy in making themes seems to be similar to mine, so we're brothers in that regard! I will make sure to update my graphic when the new version of blue fox is released. I think (and i'm sure you'll agree) that the long-term survival of firefox themes is dependent on their performance. Mozilla wants everyone to adopt personas because they're light-weight, but they're just not the same, and themes remain quite popular. If theme developers like you and I can be encouraged to make our themes more lightweight, without sacrificing the visuals, then I think we might just have the power to change Mozilla's mind. You've got quite a nice list of themes going there, by the way, and I like your new site ;-)