Rated 3 out of 5 stars

The intended function of this addon is worth 5 stars indeed.
It works as expected is is very handy for multi language communicators.

BUT: The "collecting usage data" thing is evil - and a bad idea at all. Nothing that is on google statistics is "anonymous". NOTHING.

NO matter if it is opt-in or opt-out, if you don't tell what data exactly is collected, you will loose a lot of trust. Even if you tell you may loose some trust.

I think if you really want input for improvements, ask your users on a less intrusive way.

For instance it would be nice to see the list of stored combinations and probably modify/remove them (in the addon options window).

Thanks, Regards.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.5.5). 

I'm glad you think it is worht 5 stars.

About the anonymous data collecting, I ask the user just after installing if he wants it or not. You only have to click the "no" button. It's no big deal.

And the data collected is well explained here https://github.com/beltrachi/automatic_dictionary/blob/master/COLLECTED_DATA.md

I'm great fan of privacy, this is why I let you choose to participate just after installing the plugin. And I'm showing everybody the source code to let anywone verify what I assert that i'm collecting,

Besides that, thanks for the improvement suggestion. It has been already commented here https://github.com/beltrachi/automatic_dictionary/issues/6

Thanks for your review! Any constructive feedback is always welcome.