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First, thank you very much for this helpful addon, particularly at work ;)
I have one request:
would it be possible to have one group in the rules considered as the CURRENT group from where the new URL is opened: it would allow a URL that you use very often to open in the current group?
The configuration I have is:
- one group for work, with a few URLs
- one group for private matters, with just a "*" sweeping rule, matching everything which is not in the other group.
But when I open Gmail or a few other URLs, I just want it to be opened in the current group, whether it is the one for work, or the private one, I don't care. Just the current one.
Do you see my point?
Thanks :)

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Hi and thanks for your feedback! :)

Yes, I see your point and I think this feature is quite useful and could be implemented. I just can't tell when, because I currently have a full-time job and it's difficult for me to find some time for this addon (actually, I even haven't managed to take a look on the issue described in a bug report several posts below yet).

So, I'll add this request as an issue to project's github (, but it probably won't be implemented soon. If anybody wants to contribute the project — feel free to do so. ;)

UPD: Added existing feature requests to github: