Pat “The Stratacastor” Dempsy Strikes Again! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Three cheers for another great Strat’, from the one and only Stratacastor! I see Patrick has remarked upon "Colorised Default", citing its experimental / developer-focused nature; alluding that we might not-- rather, should not-- expect to see any regular maintenance of “Colorized Default”, yet I've grown to favour it, regarding it more as perhaps the Stratacastor's most eloquent [especially, contrasting against similar] Strata, or "Default" variations on the Firefox “Default” theme-- for its attention to detail, matched with a subtlety. Few other designers seem to tame subtlety as well as Dempsy. I, for one, DO hope to see some maintenance here, however, I understand-- with the Stratacastor-- he's a busy man! :grin:
:cheers:, Pat! best wishes -- The Author, NoviceNotes.Net

This theme is only here as an example of an experimental method for building a theme. It relied on a bug in Firefox that was allowing a kind of action that was disallowed for Themes in versions of Firefox before 4.0. Version 8.0 included a fix for this bug and to the best of my knowledge this theme will no longer function at all. I've only left it here for example for technical discussion. As such I have no plans to change it to a different method, which would ruin the purpose of the example.