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Close Tabs to the Left

Adds a menu item to the tab context menu that closes all tabs to the left of the selcted one.

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Added March 25, 2017


Search for exclusive Tabs and Chords - The largest community of Uke Players in the world.

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Added March 17, 2017

Long Click

Press and hold links for a short time and it will open in a new background tab.

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Added March 16, 2017

Tab Counter

Add a badge to the toolbar that shows the number of currently open tabs in a window. Click it to see the total number of open tabs in all windows. Badge color is configurable. Set it to use the clear icon to see only the number in the toolbar.

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Added March 13, 2017

Middle Click On Page Closes Tab

Middle click on a page to close the current tab.

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Added March 9, 2017


This add-on provides a button to copy the URL strings of all active tabs in a window to a scratchpad, delimit them with newlines, and provides the ability to copy the list to clipboard.

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Added March 5, 2017

Tab Mover

Move tabs between windows via the context menu.

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Added February 18, 2017

Visto nel Web

Save webpages for further reference.
Saves tab link, tab title and a user comment.
Download a json file containing said information into folders named after year/month/weeknumber.
Made by CS PRIO30

## my first add-on ##

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Added February 11, 2017


Show sum of all likes on any webpage of facebook website.

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Added February 7, 2017

Open Page in Private Window

Open a copy of the current page in a new Private Window. This is useful for reading articles on websites that limit the number of articles you can read per month.

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Added November 28, 2016

Random Unusual Wikipedia new tab

Redirects to a random unusual Wikipedia page when you open a new tab, because when you're opening a new tab you're looking for a distraction and that distraction might as well be a weird fact. Or show random Cognitive Bias, or Philosophical concept.

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Added November 19, 2016


Automatically pins new tabs based on their URL.

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Added November 16, 2016

React New Tab

This is a new tab page built using React.
Insipired by Safari's new tab page, this addon lists bookmarks in the bookmarks bar as safari cards.

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Added October 31, 2016

Hotkey Tabs

Quick switching and loading of commonly used webpages via custom hotkeys.

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Added October 26, 2016

EpubPress - Read the web offline

Create custom ebooks from your favorite blogs and websites.

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Added October 14, 2016


Improved behavior for scroll to top functionality. Double click on the current tab to scroll to the top, double click again to go back to the previous / last position

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Added September 27, 2016

Clear Tabs

This extension clears all but the active tab in Firefox.

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Added September 15, 2016

Paste Onto New Tab Button Revived

Allow pasting links into the New Tab toolbar button.

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Added September 3, 2016

Tile Tabs WE

Take tabs from a parent window and arrange them in a layout of tiled sub-windows, using the toolbar button, context menu or keyboard shortcuts. Makes it easy to browse, compare or monitor multiple pages. Synchronize scroll. Save and re-open layouts.

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Added August 21, 2016

Close Multiple Tabs Easily Requires Restart

Easily close a few, many, or all open tabs! This is Close Multiple Tabs v1.0.3 by "No one" modified to install on Firefox through v51.0.

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Added August 21, 2016