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Montage Screen Sharing No Restart

This extension allows you to share your screen with other interview participants.

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11 users No Restart

The official browser extension for Add your current browser window easily to and get notifications directly in your browser.

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Keep-Session-Alive By Rana No Restart

a basic add-on, for keep session alive on IVB Sites

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85 users

Anoweb - Annotate the web No Restart

A simple firefox extension that allows you to make and view annotations on different pages across the web.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) No Restart

Need a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) quickly? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) is the add-on for you!

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InterConverse PinIt

Build targeted conversations with InterConverse using your interesting Pinterest Pins.

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prajnAM Screen Capturing No Restart

This Firefox Add-On enables screen capturing for Auto-Invigilated recruitment tests conducted by prajnAM.
Reload your dashboard after installing this Add-On.

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EssayKick Extension No Restart

EssayKick Research Clipper

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1 user Screen Sharing No Restart

This extension enables screen sharing functionality for

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Post picture videos to drive traffic & sales! No Restart

Post picture videos onto social media to drive much more traffic to your store and make more sales!

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Пыха информатор

Проверка непрочитанных на пыхе

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ShoreTel Sky Web Dialer

Converts web page phone numbers to dialable "links"

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Screen-sharing extension for No Restart Screen Sharing Extension

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Velantro Click

Velantro Click for Velantro PBX

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Facebook Toolbar - All-in-one Internet Search

Facebook + Instagram Toolbar - All-in-one Internet Search - Download Now - Free & Unlimited - "A must have add-on for Firefox."

(End-to-End Encryption)
(True SSL, TLS, & PFS)
Binary App Dev

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259 users

ft-dacss-0.0.1 No Restart

FT: разрешить прямой доступ FT к данным facebook, vk, twitter.
Это дополнение позволит вам работать напрямую без лишнего обращения к серверу

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Select_to_call Addon No Restart

Select_to_call for VoIPaddress PBX

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lorify No Restart

lorify provides you an autorefresh for threads and an easy way to view referenced comments on's forums

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PiazzAnonymous Addon No Restart

An add-on to sanitize anonymous content in piazza.

The add-on modifies the content of anonymous forum posts, changing it to read simply "Anonymous content", so as to limit the potentially aggravating effect of anonymous posts

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Drumpfinator Trump = Drumpf No Restart

Use this addon to your Firefox browser and replace all instances of "Trump" with "Drumpf."
Make Donald Drumpf Again

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624 users